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Creative Shaper is one of the latest IT technological based Institutions in Bangladesh where academic excellence is a tradition, teaching a passion and building career a habit. Creative Shaper is sister concern of Creative System Limited. Creative Shaper currently has more than 1000+ all kinds of undergraduate students and over 10 Experience faculties. The student population is projected to grow at 100% annually.

The students of Creative Shaper experience an exciting academic life with copious opportunity to explore and nurture their innate talent and also were taking part in the Global IT sector. Creative Shaper also focuses on providing the necessary support to our IT Sector.

In general, Creative Shaper is modeled on Nation and follows their academic features such as Project Work, Project Test, Application Test etc. When first introduced, its curricula of undergraduate programs such as Web Design, Web Development Cyber Security, and Graphics Design were largely modeled on the curricula of this Institution of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and were duly approved by Board of IT Sector.


Creative Shaper is one of the latest IT technological based training Institutions.

Our Mission

Creative Shaper strives to be among the most successful and recognized IT Farm in Bangladesh. It shall aim to integrate new practices and trends, and foster critical thinking, creativity, innovation, originality and excellence in an environment that promotes practical and research-based IT knowledge.

Our Vision

Creative Shaper adheres to the academic thrust of quality and excellence, call of service and contribute to the betterment and advancement of web design, web development, Graphic design, Digital Marketing. Creative Shaper is committing to nurture and shaping the intellectual growth and skills of the students through the application and dissemination of advanced IT technology.

Our Strength

Don’t Follow just catch the High. Creative Shaper Believe in Brand, Quality, fame, trust, building Career and many hopeless student who’s dream has came true. this is our strength.

Why Choose Us?

Creative Shaper always provide International quality service provide and best quality support for student.

Creative Shaper Teachers are Expert and Professional.

Creative Shaper already made a remarkable achievements having large portion of student to become a IT leader of nation and this is totally happening due to the great supervision of the Expert and Skilled Respected Faculties. Our Respected Members are so Highly Qualified and well trained by this they make the lesson so test and exciting. They all are friendly behavior to the students and as well as to the parents.

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After Course Job Placement In-house or Local Job Market.

Job is one kind of better satisfaction of every person life so, we are ought to find the talent from every respected course and make their ambitions true by giving job opportunity to local or international markets, this is our promise and also having great satisfaction.

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Creative Shaper provide live class video & course material.

Student should get not only proper care like learning, copying etc but to get more and more communication touch we provide class videos and other necessary files so, that they can easily Make practice and get reliable on that course. This is how we are connected and understand with our students.

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Course Wise Marketpace & Freelancing Guideline Pattern.

Everything should go in possible track. Creative Shaper always focus on online Market. Which shows the brightness of the course..For this we hired a multi talented freelancing trainee who is successful and make the online market proud like, Fiverr, themeforest, freelancer etc .with their guideline our student get to know about Marketplace and how to do freelancing..for this we arranged special classes.

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Our Activity

Creative Shaper every month arrange latest technologies based events, seminar and workshop based activity.

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