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Node JS

Application Development With Node JS

Node JS


Node.js (Node) is an open source development platform for executing JavaScript code server-side. Node is useful for developing applications that require a persistent connection from the browser to the server and is often used for real-time applications such as chat, news feeds and web push notifications.

Node.js is intended to run on a dedicated HTTP server and to employ a single thread with one process at a time. Node.js applications are event-based and run asynchronously. Code built on the Node platform does not follow the traditional model of receive, process, send, wait, receive. Instead, Node processes incoming requests in a constant event stack and sends small requests one after the other without waiting for responses.


On completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Introduction to Node JS
  • JS module system vs Node Js module system.
  • How enable a project by package manager.
  • How install node packages.
  • What is dev dependency in npm.
  • Middleware to specific routes.
  • Express routes and HTTP methods.
  • Express routes and URL parameters.
  • Extract query string from route.
  • Connect database using mongoose.
  • Manage database CRUD system.
  • Validation check with error message.
  • Debugging and error handling action.
  • Conditionally render dashboard or profile.
  • Initialize Git and GitHub.
  • Node JS based dynamic website development.
  • eCommerce website development and inventory management.
  • Every student able to Application Development in Node JS.
  • Good concept of Node JS library and package.
  • Good concept of JavaScript and JavaScript library, framework.
  • Node JS based web application development.
  • Web security and protection.
  • Good concept of Web Server.
  • Code canyon based application development in Node JS.
  • Good knowledge of freelancing or outsourcing marketplace.
  • Good client manage technique.
  • Smart coding structure.

Course Highlight

Student will be proficient in the following technologies:
  • JavaScript, Node JS, MySQL, MongoDB, Mlab, API, MVC etc.
  • Good concept of MVC.
  • MVC Pattern based development.
  • Good concept of web application.
  • Good concept of Software structure.
  • Live project based course curriculum design.
  • Student will be able to any types website development.
  • Form Validation and Verification in Node JS.
  • API development concept.
  • Database design and database management.
  • User Authentication system development.
  • Web Application development concept and idea.
  • Student will have working experience in all major freelance market places.
  • Creating an effective 100% complete profile on Freelance/Outsourcing market places.
  • Students will receive language training appropriate for Freelance markets places and international client communication.
  • How to communicate with the client.
  • How to bid and win jobs.
  • How to manage projects and receive high ratings.
  • Effective branding as a freelancer.
  • How to branding your activity in local market.
  • How to manage local and international client.

Course Requirements/Prerequisites

The Requirements to become a web application developer:
  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript .
  • Basic knowledge of internet browsing (email/google/facebook).
  • Basic knowledge of English (Reading/Writing/Speaking).
  • Basic concept of any programming language.

Course Duration

Duration: 4 Month
(2 days a week, 2 hours a day.)

Course Fee

BDT- 20000/=


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